Town of Plattsburgh Parks & Recreation Department
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Any and all organized activities, whether it is a club meeting or a men’s softball team holding a practice, must have permission of the Town to do so on Town property. Please be advised that because of responsibilities and rules that the Town must abide by, any organized group use of our facilities without permission is, and has to be, considered trespassing. Most activities that
follow Town rules and regulations are permitted to use our facilities with the understanding that Town programs have first priority. All youth organizations and not-for-profit organizations are not charged for use of Town facilities. Many individuals and private groups use Town facilities for parties, showers, family reunions, meetings and much more. These private functions, one
not open to everyone, which use Town buildings, are charged a minimal fee of $80-100 and are only open to rent by Town of Plattsburgh residents.   There will only be one rental  allowed per weekend (Friday-Sunday) for each building.
Fees are based on which facility is being reserved. If you are interested in using Town facilities for a function, privateor public, we remind you that some facilities are booked well in advance -- so, plan early. For further information on rental and/or use of our facilities, please feel free to call us at 518-562-6860 or stop by the Parks & Recreation Office.