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News: Storybook Trail

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10/12/2017 12:00:00 AM  Erin Pangborn 

Check out the Storybook Trail at the Cadyville Recreation Park

Visit our Storybook Trail at the Cadyville Recreation Park (114 Goddeau Road Cadyville, NY) to exercise your body and mind!  It is located on our trail system (at the end of the parking lot) as part of the Blue Trail.  The Storybook Trail has 17 posts with pages to a storybook, approximately 120 feet apart, on the .4 mile trail so that the book can be read as you are walking.  A special thank you goes to the Stewart's Holiday Match Grant for helping us bring this beautiful trail to you!

August - September 2017 "Pepper Finds Her Way" Written by Suzanne & Shelby Moore 
October 2017    "Apple Valley Alli" Written by Janice Dave Stanley
November 2017 "So Much To Do" Written by Jacob Salka
December 2017 "Navi" Written by Tom Semeraro
April 2018 "How Chipmunk Got His Stripes" by Joseph Bruchac
May 2018- June 2018 "Pocket Full of Colors" by Amy Guglielmo and Jacqueline Tourville
July 2018 - August 2018 "How to Read a Story" by Kate Messner
September 2018 "A Helpful Tail of How a Mouse Saves a Cat" Written and Illustrated by Lydia Miner
November 2018 - "Ta Da" Written by Kathy Ellen Davis
December 2018 - Winter 2019 - "Over and Under the Snow" Written by Kate Messner

April 2019 - "How to Build a Hug" by Amy Guglielmo & Jacqueline Tourville and illustrated by Giselle Potter
June/July 2019 - "You're Mine, Walker and All" Written by Kristina M. Parker and illustrated by Chad J. Rabideau
August/September 2019 - "Une Obsession dangereuse" Written by Theresa Marrama

October 2019 - "The Apple Orchard" Written by Janice Dave Stanley